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Authority Software is a leading CRM provider that delivers real solutions to real business needs. Our CRM platform, Central Authority™, provides support to all internal and external departments within your business – from the first sales contact to accounting and fulfillment and everything in between. Once you have made contact with a prospect or a customer, you will be able to create a Relationship Record™ inside Central Authority that will follow the customer throughout their entire lifecycle with your company.

Authority Software brings decades of expertise in B2B and B2C client services and technology across industry verticals, including healthcare, travel & hospitality, packaged goods, telecommunications, retail government, financial services, insurance, education and energy.

Central Authority is as much a CRM application as it is an enterprise-wide solution that promotes business health and overall customer satisfaction through the development of strong customer relationships, increased targeted marketing and a strong focus on ROI.

Every customer is different, and our CRM solution can be customized to the needs of your brand and customer base. Combined with Authority Software's integrated process approach, Central Authority™ ensures that you gain a true competitive advantage by closely aligning your CRM solution to your strategic business goals.

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