Despite their proven value, it is still challenging for companies to successfully implement dashboard technologies and actively utilize them for the measurement and improvement of key marketing strategies.

Dashboard reporting enables companies to aggregate data and see activity through engaging and interactive displays that can show everything from the success of a marketing campaign - including both online and traditional direct response campaigns – to the revenue being generated minute by minute.

Authority Software offers integrated configurable dashboards that offer different types of data to specific user types, so that different departments have access to only the data that is pertinent to them. Since data displayed in the dashboards is being populated from multiple sources in the organization, managers and executives can explore the association of data across all departments, identify trends and drive decision making through real-time collaboration.

The interactive dashboards are tailored to your exact business requirements in order to ensure that you have the ability to make proactive decisions based on current activity as well as analyze historical data to identify variables that impact will impact your top and bottom lines in the future.

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