Knowledge Management

Collecting data has no value if it is not readily accessible to your team. Authority Software provides a place for you to store knowledge from the entire organization and make it available to the team whether they are on or off site.

In addition to providing access to all marketing, sales and customer data available inside the CRM, you will also be able to upload and distribute content that exists inside other applications. Data that is not available in electronic format can be scanned and uploaded into the knowledge management application.

Authority Software's knowledge management application eliminates the need for third party data storage applications and sales knowledge management (SKM) applications. It can also eliminate distribution of critical data through emails or FTP drives. Instead, information is available to users inside your already integrated platform through proper security credentials.

Knowledge elements can be indexed so that your team can easily search data and updates can be made in a matter of minutes so that information is always current and consistent throughout all departments, providing access to the right information at the right time.

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