CRM technology may be one of the most powerful marketing automation tools available. In fact, no successful CRM implementation should fail to help automate marketing processes, including the creation, tracking, management and optimization of marketing initiatives.

Authority Software's marketing automation application ensures that your marketing budget yields maximum returns by creating campaigns that are relevant to your target customers' actual wants and needs as determined by purchasing patterns. We offer a single platform that integrates all required components for managing marketing campaigns through multiple channels.

Automating marketing efforts will help you to determine which customers are unprofitable and which ones generate no revenue at all, letting you focus on the customers who boost your profitability. Authority Software gives you the means to track revenue by source, regardless of where that revenue is generated, and increase ROI on spending by product, demographic and campaign type.

Authority Software empowers you to identify those customers who help you remain successful and form closer relationships with them. Our CRM solution ensures that you can concentrate on profitable prospects, and better market to your target audience by understanding its buying and interaction patterns, boosting customer satisfaction and ensuring the utmost customer retention and loyalty.

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