Your sales executives should be selling, not doing administrative work – and more than just selling, they should be able to target the most profitable organic and new acquisition leads. Authority Software acts as both a Sales Knowledge Management (SKM) application as well as a Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool, both of which are critical to driving sales performance.

Automating routine sales processes, reporting and forecasting will help your sales executives shorten sales cycles and focus on increasing new acquisitions as well as cross selling and upselling to your existing client base through an easily accessible cloud-based interface.

The top performers are always going to be the ones that are better informed. Since Authority Software is a central data repository for enterprise wide information, your sales team will be able to leverage marketing and transactional data from any available data source.

Understanding general demographics as well as recency, frequency and monetary value of your target audience will reveal your higher value sales targets and increase conversion probability. Quantitatively understanding your customers will also help to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Authority Software also gives your team the necessary tools to easily manage all pipeline activity through a logical workflow and forecast sales revenue within a single interface, reducing administrative work and allowing sales management and company executives to access real time information on the productivity and effectiveness of the team.

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