Systems Integration

There are two types of environments for CRM applications. The first is a greenfield environment, or one in which little to no systems integration is needed. The second and most common environment is one in which multiple disparate systems are used as part of day-to-day operations.

From legacy sales, marketing and customer service tools, call center voice technologies, to finance, fulfillment, inventory control systems and ecommerce portals, today's companies must rely on a myriad of different solutions in order to function. Authority Software provides full integration services for any systems that your company may have deployed.

Our industry-leading integration techniques are founded on extensive knowledge of implementations within complex voice and data technology environments. Simply put, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that your custom CRM solution integrates seamlessly within your business, even if you are utilizing legacy systems.

Regardless of the scale, application, environment or integration challenges present, Authority Software can provide you with a custom designed CRM solution that brings together disparate data streams from throughout your business, ensuring immediate access to all customer information. This includes integration to ERP systems , call center voice technologies, customer support applications, ecommerce systems and even other CRM applications.

The end result will be a CRM solution that ties everything together, aggregating all pertinent customer information and purchase history and making it available during each and every transaction as well as through single dashboard historical reporting.

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